The dates now just amuse me. Yes I realize I've had nearly ten years to get used to them, but all of the 0's just look weird to me. But I digress. I've done a bit of yarn shopping lately, so I'm doing a Yarn Pr0n Friday entry. I don't do it regularly, but the cool kids do. So let's see what I've been buying. I don't drink wine, but I do love wine inspired colors... Dream In Color Smooshy in Ruby River


Prism Saki


More sock yarn of course - a lovely springy Melody


And some very manly Kroy - on sale for $2.50 a ball at Michaels! Holy crow!


This yarn said write a pattern for a soft beret out of me! Madelinetosh Worsted in Dusk from Sonny & Shear.


And then the beautiful stuff. The cashmere so soft I shouldn't be able to afford it, but I could. And reasonable yardage for the price. Plymouth Ecco Cashmere, 354 yards, from A Stitch In Time.


I've petted it probably the last 5 times I've been there, but the other day I decided I deserved it. It's going to be a beautiful floaty lace scarf. As soon as I write the most perfect pattern ever. Don't you wanna touch it?