ARE YOU Ready to CONQUER Charts?


You can take charge of your stitches, and open up a whole new world of knitting by being able to read and understand charts.

Learn all about charts and how to read and use them in your knitting. Three patterns written specifically for this course will help you work with flat charts, charts worked in the round, and charts for top-down shawls.



Hi there! I'm Corrina Ferguson. I love charts, and you can too! I've been designing and teaching for over 12 years and all of my favorite designs have charts. You can see a portfolio of my knitting designs on Ravelry, and when you finish this course you'll be able to tackle all the charted designs your knitting heart desires. 

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  • The Why and Whats Of ChaRTS

  • Basic Chart Elements

  • Numbering

  • Legends

  • Symbols

  • Multiples & Repeats



With Chart Star your lessons will come in video and PDF format. We'll go through all the ins and outs of charts, so you can learn to read charts easily and recognize how charts relate to knitted fabric. You'll even learn how to convert written instructions into charts!



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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for any knitter who wants to learn to read charts. It's also just right for what I call "adventurous beginner" knitters who are ready to tackle the next challenge.

+ When does class start?

Class is live and available now!

+ What if I have questions?

There will be a private Facebook group set up for all students, and I'm always just an e-mail away!

+ How long will I have access?

Forever! The content will not go away. You can do all the lessons at your own pace, and you can revisit the lessons whenever you need to.

+ What patterns are included?

The Chart Star course includes three patterns: the Alrisha Hat, the Becrux Cowl, and the Chara shawl. These 3 patterns help you learn about charts by doing!

+ What about refunds?

If within 7 days of purchase, you realize that Chart Star is not for you, you can get a full refund.